My Date With A Sex Goddess

I have made many decisions; some good, others bad, and marrying Essie was one decision I can never regret. Besides being older than I am, Essie has continued to love me through all our life phases. However, for a 45-year-old man I was not having the kind of sex I wanted. So, I decided to … [Read more…]

PHOTOS: ‘Sex Tips’ stars Kendra Wilkinson at Paris – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal PHOTOS: 'Sex Tips' stars Kendra Wilkinson at ParisLas Vegas Review-JournalKendra Wilkinson's new “Sex Tips” show at the Paris with co-star Jai Rodriguez is a conundrum of unabashed sexual facts all told — and demonstrated — without one bad word ever being spoken. But the body parts described in “Sex Tips for Straight … [Read more…]