My Date With A Sex Goddess

I have made many decisions; some good, others bad, and marrying Essie was one decision I can never regret. Besides being older than I am, Essie has continued to love me through all our life phases. However, for a 45-year-old man I was not having the kind of sex I wanted. So, I decided to go out there in pursuit for a good time and I sure got one. Here is a narration of a great night with my sex goddess.

Let’s call her Ann. I met Ann at a popular escort site full of lovely ladies. They provide photos online and I sure loved the curves and sexy big boobs. So, Ann and I arranged for a date during the weekend. My wife would be out then, so I knew I wouldn’t have to lie to her about where I was going. I booked a motel outside town in readiness for my date.

Ann was punctual, considering that she arrived thirty minutes before our agreed time. Her beauty and curves were evident; she surely did not disappoint. Considering how thirsty I was for good sex (after starving for more than a year) we set off immediately. Ann is a goddess when it comes to blow jobs. The way she licked my sex-starved cock made me feel like I was in another planet.

I soon stuck my dick in her tight and sweet pussy. Damn! That honey pot was delicious! The way she moaned made me pump her harder and harder. Ann was so pleased and she kept asking me to fuck her harder. For a moment, I felt like a real man – a bull strong enough to satisfy a woman. I was happy with what I was feeling and I kept giving her more of my big dick. She was happy and I was more than pleased.

We had a glass of wine and some snacks I had bought then we set off to round two. This time, she bent over and made her beautiful ass available to me. The way she clinched my dick with her hole made me climax harder than I ever had. Strangely, I wasn’t feeling tired despite all the pumping.

I was so happy when she agreed to swallow my cum. I reciprocated by eating her pussy as if it was my only meal for the day. It felt as if I was a king running a pretty sex kingdom. My sex goddess is all I need to make me fulfilled in all aspects. I can’t wait for our weekend dates!

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